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Josquin des Pres – President and CEO

French Composer, Songwriter and Producer Josquin Des Pres’ credits range from co-writing over a dozen songs with Bernie Taupin (of Elton John fame) that have been covered by artists around the globe, to co-writing with Grammy winner & multi-platinum artist Jason Mraz, hit songwriter Michael Natter, Atlantic Recording artist JAX, Disney and Big Machine Recording artist Laura Marano, Remixes for Grammy winner & multi-platinum artists Gipsy Kings and numerous others. Josquin has also written several songs with American Idol top 10 contestants and finalists Makayla Phillips & Rayvon Owen. Josquin Des Pres has produced dozens of CDs and albums for major and independent record labels. Additionally, josquin has composed music and themes for over 40 global and national TV shows. His music can be heard on MTV NETWORKS ​(Cribs, Pimp My Ride, Catfish, One Bad Choice, True Life, Teen Mom, The Seven, When I Was Seventeen) Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney, HBO, CBS, ABC, VH1, BET, CNN, NBC, HGTV, TBS, Bravo, KPBS, TLC, Food Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, OLN, Warner Bros TV, Hulu, Sirius,  Ellen DeGeneres, Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, George Lopez, Anderson Cooper, TMZ, Extra, American Idol, The Bachelor, The Today Show, Shahs of Sunset, Ladies of London, Teen Titans, Bizarre Foods, Pawn Stars, Deadliest Catch, Impractical Jokers, Access Hollywood, Miss Universe, America's Next Top Model just to name a few...

Fabien Renoult


Composer and Producer Fabien Renoult is a product of the European hotbed of electronic, trance, world beat, hip hop and dance music. Renoult delivers all these styles with his own original twist. Fabien Renoult’s original approach to composition and production comes as so surprise from a musician who started playing piano at age 6, guitar at age 12, and studied music in France’s must prestigious schools and concluded his music and production training in California’s most prominent studios. Some of Fabien’s work include MTV NETWORKS  (Cribs, Pimp My Ride, Catfish, One Bad Choice, True Life, Teen Mom, The Seven, When I Was Seventeen), Miss Universe and many More! 

Nova Page


Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nova Page began working professionally at an early age. Her unique vocal style and songwriting abilities attracted a wide array of established producers, affording her the opportunity for television and film placement. Her recent credits include song placements in the mega Latin hit show Morde Y Assopra, in which Nova shares the soundtrack along side Adele, Shakira, Pitbull, Dave Matthew's Band, Corinne Bailey Rae and others. For the past few years Nova has teamed up with Josquin des Pres at Track Star Entertainment broadening her experience as an artist and writer. Nova’s diverse gifts allow her to write and singing most genres, including Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Neo Soul etc. Nova has had over 60 songs published and aired on international TV and Radio.

Phil Higgins


Coming from Southern California, Phil has built a career in many aspects of music and production. Starting out in music as a guitar player brought him into the studio scene doing session guitar work for various artists, bands, and television commercials. Phil soon began working as a recording engineer and became more immersed in studio work. More opportunities developed and he quickly landed several songs on major television networks, including the main theme song for a major Warner Bros television show, "Hello Goodbye". Additionally, if you watch buzz-worthy MTV shows like Catfish, The Seven, When I Was Seventeen, 10 on Top, True Life, Cribs etc., or TBS Network, FOX Network, and NFL Network you have more than likely heard many tracks written and produced by Phil. Additionally, he has written and produced several loop libraries and song construction kits in various styles including; Indie Rock, Pop/Rock, Folk, Neo-Soul, etc. Having a solid grasp on the many roles within music production makes Phil a huge asset to any project. 

Aaron Castro


Aaron Castro is a Composer, Songwriter and Producer from San Diego, California. Starting out from a very early age, Aaron got into song writing and music production since he was 15. He’s written, composed and produced several of his own compositions, which have been featured on the radio and TV. He’s also produced jingles, radio spots and compositions for artists, film and television. Aaron has had the opportunity to work alongside Josquin Des Pres and Trackstar entertainment, which in return have given him more experience as an audio engineer and have allowed him to broaden his reach and knowledge in the music industry. 

Scott Gorham


Keyboardist composer Scott Gorham has played and toured with popular singers Cher and Richard Marx, performed alongside smooth jazzman (and Tina Turner sax player) Euge Groove, and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with R&B titan Luther Vandross. In the studio, Scott has contributed his talents to over 30 CDs for independent label Cargo Records. Additionally Scott has written numerous tracks for MTV reality show Catfish.

Dennis Franco (zenzen)


Dennis Franco (aka zenzen) is an Electronic Music composer for film and TV. Hypnotized by the Vangelis’ “Blade Runner” soundtrack, Dennis discovered his passion and began his musical journey creating sounds to later compose a musical sequence capable of evoking high levels of emotion and adrenaline in listeners and viewers. Dennis’ extra musical meaning and sense of ambiance makes his realm of sound unique. His genre varies from ambient electronica to new age filmscapes. Dennis Franco is the composer for the Paranormal and Prometheus libraries on Big Fish Audio.

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