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Track Star Entertainment covers a wide area of activities in the music and entertainment arenas. Some of our activities include composing, songwriting, developing and collaborating with emerging, and established songwriters and artists. 


Josquin des Pres – President and CEO

French Composer, Songwriter and Producer Josquin Des Pres’ credits range from co-writing over a dozen songs with Bernie Taupin (of Elton John fame) that have been covered by artists around the globe, to co-writing with multi-platinum artist Jason Mraz, hit songwriter Michael Natter, Atlantic Recording artist JAX, Disney and Big Machine Recording artist Laura Marano, Remixes for Multi-Platinum artists Gipsy Kings and numerous others. Josquin has also written several songs with American Idol top 10 contestants and finalists Makayla Phillips & Rayvon Owen. Josquin Des Pres has produced dozens of CDs and albums for major and independent record labels. Additionally, josquin has composed music and themes for over 40 global and national TV shows. His music can be heard on MTV NETWORKS ​(Cribs, Pimp My Ride, Catfish, One Bad Choice, True Life, Teen Mom, The Seven, When I Was Seventeen) Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney, HBO, CBS, ABC, VH1, BET, CNN, NBC, HGTV, TBS, Bravo, KPBS, TLC, Food Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, OLN, Warner Bros TV, Hulu, Sirius,  Ellen DeGeneres, Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, George Lopez, Anderson Cooper, TMZ, Extra, American Idol, The Bachelor, The Today Show, Shahs of Sunset, Ladies of London, Teen Titans, Bizarre Foods, Pawn Stars, Deadliest Catch, Impractical Jokers, Access Hollywood, Miss Universe, America's Next Top Model just to name a few...



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